Pest Control – SC VECTRA SRL

Pest control services

Get rid of the inconveniences caused by flies, cockroaches, mosquitos, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, as well as other insects that may transmit infectious diseases.

The services we perform come to your aid to ensure a hygienic and comfortable work environment for you.

Indoor – outdoor PEST CONTROL: protection against and control of all kinds of insects

  • For the best efficiency of pest control treatments and in accordance with the legal provisions on hygiene, we recommend the performance of these operations every three months.
  • For cases with a high degree of infestation, we recommend that the operations be made whenever necessary.
  • The control operation has to be executed by a company specialised in DDD activities, with qualified personnel.

By choosing the VECTRA disinfestation, pest control, and disinfection services, you choose HEALTH!