Legislation – SC VECTRA SRL


- Decree 536 of 23.06.1997

published in the Official Gazette 140/03.07.1997 provides: the hygiene rules are mandatory, as defined by law, for all units in the public or private system, as well as for the entire population.

- Art. 3 point b

Regular pest control treatments shall be performed at intervals laid down in methodologies, but not exceeding 3 months and regular disinfestation shall be performed at intervals not exceeding 6 months; between regular treatments, current pest control and disinfestation procedures and maintenance shall be applied as needed.

- Law 100/26.05.1998

Art. 28 art. c. – Economic agents and other legal persons are required to ensure the funds and conditions necessary for the application of the regular hygiene, disinfection, pest control, and disinfestation measures.

- Law 344/31.05.2002