Atomizer Outdoor Spaces Disinfection – SC VECTRA SRL

Outdoor spaces disinfection services with atomizer

Our company has efficient equipment that supports the control of any kind of invasion on outdoor surfaces by spraying the substances using gasoline-powered high-pressure atomizers.

The atomizer is ideal for spraying specific products, liquids or powders for controlling insects such as ticks, fleas, flies, spiders or invasions of ladybugs, grasshoppers, caterpillars, moths etc., which are carriers of pathogenic bacteria.

Spectrum of use

Outdoor surfaces buildings

Industrial premises, warehouses

Gardens, yards, parks, orchards


Its best features consist in the high flow of solution sprayed and the wide area covered. The atomizer is equipped with up to 9 ejection levels of liquid, while the maximum distance of action vertically/horizontally is 16/18 meters.

Moreover, the atomizer can be used for disinfection treatments of outdoor spaces.